SWT Services & Advantages

Providing Endless Quality Assurance

The vast advantages of choosing Southwest Traders doesn’t stop at low prices, prompt delivery, and unbeatable customer service. Our company in Temecula, California, wants to become the comprehensive solution your business can’t afford to miss.

Quality Assurance/Food Safety

At Southwest Traders we are committed to providing “On Time Quality” every day. This is not just a simple catch phrase but a daily commitment to all of our customers, each and every day 24/7/365. We have a dedicated team of supervisors and managers that are highly trained in food safety and quality assurance practices. This philosophy is drilled down to each and every employee within the Southwest Traders’ organization. When you choose Southwest Traders as “Your Distribution Solution” you can be confident and absolutely assured knowing that a dedicated team of trained quality control professionals will stand behind you.  Below are our practices that ensure you receive a safe, consistent, and quality monitored product each and every time.

  • Vendor Supplier Compliance –
    • All new or returning vendors/suppliers must pass an extensive qualification process
    • All suppliers are required to have and publish at least one annual third party audit
    •  Comprehensive customer incident process and supplier follow-through
  • Warehouse/Distribution Center Standards
    • All of the Southwest Traders distribution facilities must meet comprehensive food safety programs. These programs must meet or exceed the requirements of Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), United States Department of Commerce, and our customers’ specific standards and requirements
    • A qualified Quality Control Inspector is in every Southwest Traders’ distribution center each and every day of operation to ensure incoming products and outgoing deliveries comply with our standards
    • Semi-annual third party audits are conducted to verify our food safety, sanitation, and quality systems
  • Customer Assurances
    • A Comprehensive recall notification program and periodic mock process are in place
    • Regularly scheduled product sampling and testing are performed to ensure product compliance with well defined standards takes place
    • Incident handling process procedures are in place for timely and complete resolutions to each and every incident

Cold Chain Compliance

Cold Chain Compliance at Southwest Traders is a documented, temperature controlled, uninterrupted supply chain that is critical in today’s food distribution industry. Our customers can rely on proper food safety handling and cold chain compliance due to our three zone delivery systems and our extensive monitoring of temperatures.

  • Temperature Compliance Reporting –
    • Monitors and Records temperatures using reefer microprocessors and independent temperature probes
    • Includes ambient, set-point, discharge & return air by compartments
    • Reporting frequency is measured in 7.5 minute increments
    • Monitors temperatures from the time the reefer unit is turned on and trailer departs terminal until the trailer returns and reefer unit is turned off
    • Reports temperatures at regular intervals, at each specific customer destination or on demand
    • Indicates temperature has exceeded pre-determined temperature settings +/- the pre-determined thresholds for a set time period
    • Measure temperatures relative to set-point or absolute temperatures
    • Alert notifications are sent in real-time
Online Ordering Tool

We are proud to offer a feature-rich online ordering tool. Fully compatible with any browser, this tool allows users to obtain a variety of real-time information they need exactly when they need it. Utilizing the power of the online ordering tool provides key insight you need to make the most informed purchasing decisions. As a whole, you’ll be able to:

  • Place a New Order – Take the power into your own hands by creating and updating your own orders through the online ordering tool.
  • Update Existing Orders –
  • Access Southwest Trader Company Information – This area of the tools is where you can find distribution centers, remittance phone numbers, and addresses.
  • Obtain Last Sale History – This shows a listing of product sales activity. The accompanying invoice link provides specific details to sold invoice products.
  • Obtain Purchase History – See exactly where your funds are going and make critical adjustments to maximize profitability and company sustainability.
  • Obtain Sales Order Status – This allows access to a list of unfulfilled sales orders. Using the sales order link allows a complete review and detail of the sales order status.
  • View Customer Inquiries – Shows your customer information to ensure we always have the most up to date information about your store.

The search is over for the easiest solution to order, track, and calculate products for your establishment now that you’ve learned about the online ordering tool. Contact an account representative today for a deeper look into these industry-leading features.

Smart Pay

Save time in your busy schedule by enrolling in our no cost automated payment program.  ACH payments allow you to eliminate time spent sending checks or payments via credit/debit card, keeping you focused on your business.  How it works is 7 days after your order is placed payment is automatically charged to your business account of your choosing.  Contact an account representative today for a deeper look into these industry-leading features.

Key Drop Deliveries

Keep your employees attention focused on giving your customers a great store experience, and not on checking in deliveries that come in the middle of the day.  SWT offers “key drop” deliveries so your orders are delivered during non business hours.  We currently service 1500+ stores with this hassle free time saving delivery.  Contact an account representative today for a deeper look into these industry-leading features.





Reporting Capabilities

SWT offers monthly promotional rebates on selected products, and other specials throughout the year.  We build the rebates into our system, and can offer reports to our customer for their records.  We can also provide sales reports to any customer for any of our products over any requested time period.  From simple usage reports,  to fine detail daily automated reports our I.T. department is on board to provide the right information to help you grow your business.  Contact an account representative today for a deeper look into these industry-leading features.

Dedicated Sales Representative

When becoming a customer of Southwest Traders you gain immediate access to your dedicated sales rep who can provide valuable complementary resources to help kick start your business.  Consulting in store openings, knowledge of upcoming trends, and evaluations to maximize customers’ offerings while streamlining use of products are their specialties.  Please take advantage of their knowledge and experience to help you grow your business.  With the continuous changes in our field of work the peace of mind of having a dedicated rep at your disposal is priceless and we are here to provide the ultimate customer experience.  Contact an account representative today to experience it first hand.