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Supersan Sanitizer 1 Gal 2/Ct   (Item 26603)

How important is it to use proper cleaning supplies in your establishment?  Maintaining a clean, sanitary environment is crucial for your workplace!  In no way does a “gross” store equate to more gross profit for you either.  In fact 70% of patrons won’t come back to an unclean store, and 94% of that being based off of restroom cleanliness.   Basic cleaning skills are simply not enough in order to comply with OSHA food safety requirements.  That doesn’t mean it can’t be a walk in the park for you to keep your business up to par with current food safety regulations.   Removing complexity from your daily tasks and simplifying them is exactly what Southwest Traders and SSDC sought out to do.   A defined program was built to meet your needs, with simplicity in mind.  This allows you to focus on customers, spending less time worrying about OSHA compliance. We’d teamed up with Lenell Moran (an expert with SSDC) and David DeMatteis (our Southwest Traders regional sales leader) in order to research what cleaning supplies stores are using and why.  We learned that stores steer clear from commercial-grade cleaning supplies, and instead stick with products such as Fabuloso, Clorox Bleach, Dawn Dish Soap, Windex, 409, and Purell hand soap- but why?  David DeMatteis explained, ”Stores are looking for the best priced chemicals; low cost is what they are looking for above all other things”.  We wanted all the answers so we could understand what the true benefit of using commercial-grade chemicals is, versus picking up items from the dollar store.  While we agree that price is always a factor, understanding your daily cleaning cost is a priority!  We challenge you to factor in all the cleaning supplies you use on a monthly basis to identify your daily cleaning expenses.


SSDC Clinging Degreaser 4/1 Qt   (Item 26616)

What is the benefit of using a commercial-grade chemicals vs. your everyday household cleaning supplies?

The products are safer and easier to use, keeping your employees safe and labor cost down.  Brands such as 409 and Windex will damage or etch into Taylor machines and other surfaces over time.  SSDC chemicals cause no damage to your facility, and are also
registered with the National Floor Safety Institute!  The commercial-grade chemicals are also heavily concentrated so the product lasts much longer than the competitors’.  All around, SSDC’s cleaning chemicals are the best products for the job!

What do customers know about chemicals and back of store products?

A lot of our customers are not as educated as they should be, with 9 out of 10 stores not realizing they are supposed to wash, rinse, and sanitize per OSHA food safety regulations.

What do stores think about the price of commercial grade chemicals? Is the Price Worth It?


Multisheen RTU Glass & Multi Surface Cleaner 1 Lt – 12/Ct (Item 26606)

Stores are under the belief that commercial grade chemicals are far more expensive then your everyday household cleaning supplies, which is far from the truth.  The up-front cost is more, however, because the product is highly concentrated it lasts much longer than household cleaning supplies.   For example, a SSDC Super Rave Dish Detergent 1-gallon jug is diluted with 1/oz per 10 gallons of water.   The product fills 128 sinks!  Commonly used products, such as Dawn Dish Soap don’t compare in price nor do they provide portion control solutions. The price is worth it; in fact, commercial-grade chemicals not only clean better and faster, they also amount to only $3/day while conquering every food safety requirement.  Your chemicals include floor cleaner,  sanitizer,  restroom cleaner,  hand soap, and wallpaper-safe window cleaner.  On top of that, the window cleaner is also a multi-surface cleaner that will not damage surfaces unlike products with ammonia.

What is the importance of portion control?


Latex Glove Large Powdered 100 Ct (Item 21303)

At home its easy to overload on Dawn dish soap, spray more 409, or use more bleach then needed when cleaning.  When cleaning your store you MUST refrain from this over-the-top approach.  Trying to gauge that can be tough.  That is why our Southwest Traders SSDC program removes the calculating from the equation.  With portion control dispensers, hand soap dispensers,  free sanitizer test strips,  spray bottles,  bucket with MSDS information labeled on it, a sanitizer test strip holder and sanitizer test strips.  This is $350 worth of equipment free of charge which also includes installation and lifetime servicing.  ($350 starter kit located in the picture to the right)

What do customers think when switching to SSDC commercial grade chemicals?

The employees using the products love that they are easier to use, quicker with portion control applicators and don’t have the harmful fumes other chemicals have like Clorox Bleach.  Stores are excited to use only 1 chemical for the bathroom versus 4-5 different products to get a mediocre clean. Customers are seeing the product is more cost effective in the long run and they don’t worry about having everything needed to fulfill OSHA food safety requirements.   They find value in the fact SSDC labels products with MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) information as well as knowing that Southwest Traders has those on file and receiving them is only a phone call or email away.   Not to mention your products are delivered to your store with your normal delivery saving time and money.

Are SSDC commercial grade chemicals safer?


Pvc Mb Glove Vinyl Medium 100/Ct          (Item 21301)

Absolutely!  They have no chemical scent, so instead of your customers smelling cleaning supplies they will be able to catch the aroma of the products you’re selling.  If SSDC chemicals are mixed together they are not dangerous, unlike other chemicals.  For example, when bleach is mixed with anything else or alone are extremely toxic not to mention the strong chemical scent.   SSDC products have no ammonia that won’t damage plexi glass unlike Windex and other glass cleaners.   Hands down SSDC chemicals are MUCH safer then your household cleaning chemicals.   Products manufactured by common, inexpensive brands (including: Clorox, Fabuloso, 409, Windex, Walmart Great Value Brand, Spic & Span, and Simple Green) contain dangerous, harmful chemicals.

For more information about corrosive/toxic chemicals, visit the following links:

Is their a core item that would fulfill all cleaning needs in a store?  If not what is your recommended item if they chose one?

For most stores between the SSDC floor cleaner and multi-purpose glass cleaner.   However,  in order to meet OSHA requirements you must have sanitizer and hand soap in order to open your store doors.   

What you should be aware of?

OSHA Is Cracking Down!

Global harmonization is big across the world OSHA is on a mission to make more money by fining you $200 per spray bottle if you are missing the required MSDS sheets.


Excellent Neutral CA 2oz 128/ct (Item 26604)

Your Liability

If your employees accidentally get a chemical in their eye and you have no MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) its a HUGE liability issue.

Return Business – Cleanliness is #1 For Your Customers!

“70.5% of patron’s never return after noticing unclean conditions in a restaurant.”

– Source – Strategic Foodservice Solutions and NRN, 1999

“94% of consumers claim that restroom cleanliness has a substantial influence on their confidence in a restaurant’s food safety.”

– Source – “Food Safety Study” performed by Restaurants and Institutions, August 1998

Corrosive/Toxic Chemicals

  • Clorox Bleach
  • Fabuloso
  • 409
  • Windex
  • Walmart Great Value Brand Chemicals
  • Spic & Span
  • Simple Green

Ask Yourself the Following Questions:

  • Do you know what your chemical cost is in your store?  Remember to factor in your transportation cost when buying these supplies as well.
  • Do you know what products you MUST have in your store at all times to comply with OSHA regulations?
  • Do you have MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) for all chemicals used in your store?
  • Are you using chemicals that are corrosive resulting in damages to your equipment and harmful fumes to you and your employees?